About Wool Works

Denise and Ann Marie McKenna are a sister act with a difference! Not only have they successfully run Magic Kingdom crèche together for over 15 years, but they are just celebrating another milestone as their shop WoolWorks has just turned one.

How do they find the energy?

‘I know I wonder sometimes too,’ says Denise with a laugh. ‘But we have great support, from our families.  Our family has been great throughout the past fifteen years especially our parents Denis and Margaret, and brothers Niall and Richard McKenna too.

‘Our parents always encouraged us to be kind and caring and as a result, we are very close with our parents and siblings and we care about the community and love giving back to the community.’

WoolWorks opened its doors in October 2019, when the world looked very different indeed. But despite challenges, the shop had become a hugely popular resident of the main street, and a valuable member of the local community.

‘We could never have imagined what was ahead of us when we opened but since the lockdown began, we have been extremely busy with doorstep deliveries to the local community,’ explains Denise.’ We have loved seeing so many customers of all ages, picking up their hooks and needles, and also oiling their sewing machines, to join the handmade revolution, and we are thrilled to have helped our new customers realise the benefits of knitting, crochet and sewing, whilst staying in isolation.’

The shop is a treasure trove of everything you need to get creative and stocks JC Brett, Cygney,  retwist chain Cotton ,XXLa B.Barbante, Rope, String and t-shirt yarn,

The shop window has also become a feature of the street, with local woman Sheila Reynolds creating magical displays using their products, providing inspiration for all. The award winning shop also won an award for a special window display for St.Patrick’s day & received a perpetual trophy.

‘Throughout the pandemic, we were the first to start making and donating the masks for Masks for Louth, have been involved with helping with creating blankets for the Lourdes hospital, helping distribute ribbons for the ”one million stars to end violence campaign, and many other local organisations, ‘she adds, ‘We also have a few amazing women in the shop with us – Mary Downes used to babysit us as children and i’m sure Ann Marie and could probably tell a few tales.  We wouldn’t be where we are without the help from our family and friends and all our amazing customers.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support.


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